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Australia’s first and premier online marketplace for all your warehouse and industrial storage space needs.


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STOR is a peer-to-peer storage space sharing designed to help those who needs to store items in their local area – or have spare warehouse storage space they want to rent out. Instead of using a big-name storage company you might find on Google – or worse, spending hours trying to find a warehouse host who’ll give you a good deal – you can keep things simple by exchanging with individuals and companies near you.

STOR - For All Your Warehouse And Industrial Storage Space Needs!

Need Warehouse and Industrial Storage Space?

We make it easy to find and offer up commercial storage areas, enabling Renters to start earning cash fast from their spare space. To use our service, simply BROWSE, FILTER and RESERVE your desired storage place – you’ll be sorted in a couple of minutes.

Have Commercial and Industrial Warehouse Storage Space to Rent?

If you own a commercial and industrial warehouse space that is has extra space, why not let STOR help you fill it up? We’ll put you in touch with local people who need your commercial or industrial warehouse storage space and are ready to pay for it.

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