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Stor trust and safety

The Stor Trust & Safety Policy Is Important to Us. We Take Protecting Your Goods & Property Very Seriously


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Your Trust & Safety in Stor

Our success depends on ensuring you have 100% trust in the safety and security of our marketplace. For that reason, there are three safeguards in place to protect you and your property

User Verification & Review

All registered Users of our site undergo personal checks to confirm their identity. They are also rated through our review system.

Verified Hosts

All Hosts are verified through our 3 step process to ensure warehouses are genuine.


We offer our users Insurance products via our partner Acurancy Insurance Services, you may visit www.acurancy.com.au for more details

We Take Protecting Your Goods And Property Very Seriously, As Our Business Depends On It.

User Verification

All Hosts and Renters using STOR undergo third-party checks to verify their identity through social media, telephone and SMS. Once on board, Users are required to fill out their profiles and provide information about their space or goods to be stored. Reviews and ratings from previous transactions are also shown. Secure messages are sent through the site. These allow you to ask questions or check other users’ details before agreeing to any storage arrangement.


Secured Payments

All payment are made by credit/debit cards through our site using the Stripe Inc. Payment Gateway. Stripe Inc uses the very latest in 256-bit SSL security & is 100% PCI compliant, for your peace of mind. Companies such as Twitter, Pintrest, Xero, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey and 1,000’s more use Stripe.


Secured Storage

As a Host, you set the terms and conditions of rental and access. Our terms and conditions clearly outline any dangerous goods and items which must not be stored in any space. These include:

  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
  • Firearms, munitions, weapons or explosives
  • Radio active materials; highly flammable or hazardous goods
  • Living plants or animals; food or perishable goods*
  • Anything damp, mouldy, rotten or infested with or damaged by parasites
  • Any item which emits any fumes or strong odour
  • Cash and securities
  • Illegal goods
  • Waste


If as a Host you ever feel uncomfortable either with the Renter or with the goods being stored in your property or warehouse space, please contact STOR immediately. We will arrange cancellation and removal of the goods on your behalf.

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